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What Is The Selection Of The Suitcase In The Material
Jul 11, 2017

1.PVC material luggage

PVC as a hard box of materials, no inside, the weight is very light, anti-fall, impact resistance and strong, while waterproof and wear-resistant, smooth and beautiful surface. But the biggest drawback is heavy, sometimes causing travel is not convenient.

2.ABS material luggage

ABS as a new material, lighter, flexible, rigid, and can withstand a greater impact. Keep your luggage from damage. Familiar with the words that people can not be appearance, the sea can not fight the amount, as ABS this material, look at the ABS suitcase is very fragile, as if hit will be broken, in fact, his flexibility and hardness beyond your imagination, general Of adults standing on top of no problem, cleaning more convenient. But ABS plastic prone to scratches, the best to use with the luggage cover.

3.Oxford cloth material luggage

Oxford cloth material is, weft are used in many strands of thick fabric, tight and thick, feel stiff, wear, impact resistance, but the permeability of the general, the weight is also larger, Oxford cloth material with the increase of time , The surface will wear, with a few times on the old.

4.PC material suitcase

Can be said that a lot more than ABS material, is the most solid box, the surface smooth, nice, the biggest feature is "light". Which is now the most commonly used market, the most popular hard box, there are anti-fall, impact resistance, waterproof, wear-resistant, fashion.

5.Aluminum alloy luggage

Aluminum alloy material is alloy material, wear resistance, impact resistance, life can be up to ten years, but the box is not the general light. Aluminum alloy material has a one-piece molding, but also a combination of synthetic type, the price fluctuates according to weight.

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