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Shoulder Bag What Material Is Good
Jul 11, 2017

Is it true that only leather is a better one-shoulder bag, while other types of one-shoulder bags are worse? It's not. The single shoulder bag is made by which material, and the final effect is not the same. Canvas material, nylon material in the production of single shoulder bag, the use of the material itself has not the same performance, the characteristics of the material is also different, such as PU material surface single shoulder bag is usually very light, has a very good gloss, the cleaning of the single shoulder bag is also simple.

It can be made into a single shoulder bag with PU leather, leather, canvas, polyester, nylon, etc., and in these materials, the most sturdy and durable with canvas and nylon. Compared with nylon, canvas is more durable. Leather is much stronger and more waterproof than leather, but the price is not cheap.

What kind of material does one shoulder cover? The canvas itself is also one of the fine fabrics. One of the characteristics of a single shoulder bag is more cost-effective, and the price of the single-shoulder bag is usually lower.

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