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Regular Fabrics Used In Bags
Jul 11, 2017

1.Real leather, leather bag is short for it, prices are higher than other fabrics, generally smaller volume, generally for the fur, leather, pigskin, horse leather, etc., for the most part as the cow leather bag, chosen as cow leather bags, not only good toughness, and the fabric is very strong, but the price is more expensive, the style is single.

2.Application scope is extremely broad, PU fabric, PU fabric are suitable for making the bags, clothing, shoes, cars and furniture decoration, etc., chooses the most fabrics bags, also is a kind of artificial leather, often heard that kind of paint such as it is this fabric. In addition to PU fabrics widely used, prices are different from low to high, styles are diverse and flexible.

3.Fabric: use cloth fabrics, the most widely used is the leisure package, it is not only good softness, and makes recreation bag back up all the special light, does not fear the grind, pressure is its advantages, the people more and more the pursuit of spiritual and material enjoyment today, leisure, has become many merchants, customers like to use it.

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