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Oxford Cloth And Canvas Which Wear, Which Is Good
Jul 11, 2017

Oxford has a variety of functions, and it is now USES a very wide range of a new type of fabric, the escape, we see in the market or the play, as well as a cotton nylon, these varieties belong to Oxford. The Oxford cloth looks soft and breathable, easy to clean and dry. Oxford cloth products more fancy, can satisfy the demand of all kinds of people, Oxford cloth used for making bags have lift, Oxford cloth, d Oxford cloth, set of Oxford cloth, cotton, nylon Oxford cloth can be used to make rain.

Canvas belongs to a kind of cotton fabric that looks thick and thick, or is hemp fabric, the kind of canvas of canvas mainly has canvas and fine canvas, coarse canvas because have very good waterproof property. Fine canvas can be used to make clothing, backpacks, handbags, etc.

Through comparison of Oxford cloth and canvas fabrics, two kinds of fabric all have their own characteristics and advantages, if custom bags, Oxford cloth must be better than relative to the canvas, choose if you want to water proofing property is better, then choose canvas.

Oxford cloth is softer and more comfortable than it is, and the Oxford cloth USES a blend of cotton-polyester blended yarn and cotton. It feels good, it absorbs moisture. Canvas fabric is thick, tight, feel hard. If you want to customize the Oxford cloth for wear-resistant fabrics, if you want to customize the price, you should choose Oxford cloth because the canvas is a little higher than the Oxford cloth.

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