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How To Identify The Dermis
Jul 11, 2017

1. Hand touch the surface of the leather if there is smooth (grain processing into coarse skin in addition), soft, plump and flexible feeling is leather.

2. Eye is mainly used to identify the type of leather and leather grain surface is good or bad, observe the skin surface has a more obvious pores and patterns, and synthetic leather, although also like pores, but not complete is not clear. Another synthetic leather on the back of a layer of textiles as a floor, the textile floor is used to increase its tensile strength, and the leather is not the opposite side of this layer of textiles, this identification is the most simple and practical approach.

3. smell good quality of the skin is generally no smell, all leather has the smell of leather, if there is pungent odor may be dealt with in the tannery process and a certain use of chemical raw materials exceeded.

4. ignite the dermis after burning the smell and hair lit after the smell of almost, and after burning knot, with your fingers can be kneaded into a grind; artificial leather ignited after the pungent smell, and after the formation of pimple skin type and quality Identification.

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