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Embrace Fashion Trends
Jul 11, 2017

1. Transparent: popular style with mesh and cellophane tape yarn, modelling is simple, and hale, medium-sized transparent bags often lining have shiny bright vision of the second new packages, give a person the sense with delicate and transparent. The color is orange, green, silver and pearl pink, it is young girl make public individual character. Flaunt avant-garde and trendy close-fitting weapon.

2.Contracted: pursue perfect, contracted atmosphere, will be popular trend. The combination of modern materials and simple lines has produced the graceful spirit of the 3O era. With knitted, hemp, nylon and soft leather, the single style handbags can change the amazing style, and more can match with more clothes. It is impossible to resist the charm of simplicity and purity.

3. Embroidery: the delicate and perfect embroidery pattern can be moved to a leather bag with a certain hardness, which can create a new visual effect. The pattern of popular pattern is exquisite Oriental figure, this kind of handbag can match with the popular Chinese dress of the late century, foil the charm of noble elegance, delicate and chic.

4. Animal stripes: a handbag made from a variety of plush fabrics, which is favored by women due to its distinctive texture and tender feel and aristocratic atmosphere. Make with velvet satin face to combine, because of the leopard grain that can resist to see, the suede effect, the tender tactility that foil is unable to make a person heart.

5. Grass pocket: woven grass pocket first lies in the natural raw material, apricot yellow, brown yellow and light brown; Second, the style is dominated by the larger basket and the flat ladder, with a hand arm and shoulder slung, the most striking is the metal tone of the clasp, mostly in the form of large beads.

6. Shell, shell has been extend from watches, bracelet to the handbag design inspiration, extremely small turtle shell type chain belt bag, decorated with new hair mane horn shell shape handbags handbags, jewellery set with handle, with its unique shell surface and the color of the shape design bag bag to bring new interest to pale purple, shallow silver grey, pearls, quite handsome and attractive.

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