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Backpacking Color Selection Principle
Jul 11, 2017

1. Choose a travel bag that is not easily dirty

To travel a lot of people must have the impression that bag is mostly black or dark gray, why, this should all understand that it is resistant to dirty, travel everywhere, climbing wading, choose backpack must be resistant to dirty.

2.Choose a smart travel backpack

This is a contradiction with the first, so I can only think of myself. If it's just to get the bag dirty, choose a dark, dark backpack that doesn't work. When traveling outdoors, the backpacking colors are as eye-catching as possible. If something happens outdoors, it is also easy for rescuers to find.

3.Choose the color of your backpack according to your own situation

Young people usually like some fresh, older age choose dark or some, but in reality, many young people always want to the maturity of their performance, year boss wants to play for the tender, have distinguishing feature each, in fact, the main according to the character of the individual, height, skin to choose, suits own is the best.

4.Choose the color of your travel backpack by sex

Generally speaking, when men choose a backpack based on their gender, they can choose a darker color to be more reserved. Women can choose a brighter color.

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