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What is the difference between a shoulder bag and a messenger bag?
Jul 11, 2017

Shoulder bag and diagonal package in the ladies' bags, it can be said that the shoulder can also be diagonal, so the points are not particularly clear, but in the men's bags, but more obvious. First of all, the most obvious place is the shoulder strap, the general cross-wrapped shoulder strap will be longer than the shoulder bag tape, and diagonal package of the tape is also adjustable, and men diagonal package of the tape will be relatively thick , The woman's more refined. Followed by the style, shoulder bag is generally more formal, messenger bag more casual, casual.

The difference between the shoulder bag and the Messenger bag is more prominent in the men's luggage, the difference between them is mainly on the shoulder strap and style; and for the ladies shoulder bag and diagonal package and there is no big difference, A back law.

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