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What is the difference between a one-way wheel and a caster?
Jul 11, 2017

The checkered casters are relatively easy to use when they are used on relatively flat floors, and they have a 360 degree omnidirectional rotation function that can be passed on a relatively flat and narrow passage sideways, but the wheels are checked at wheels Easy to be knocked off, because all the wheels are outbound device, and the cost of the caster is more expensive, and in the uneven road, the caster is not easy to drag. The unidirectional wheel relative to the caster, more suitable for a variety of road conditions, the wheels larger, more solid, with its own stability and ability to better, such as in the rugged mountain road or mud on the choice of unidirectional wheel , The board is relatively easy to pull up the box, so the one-way round is more suitable for long-distance travel and outdoor activities, and one-way wheel than the steering wheel durable, and cheap.

The main difference between the one-way wheel and the universal wheel is the use of the road conditions and the price of the manufacturing, the choice should be based on their own nature to make a decision, if the main use in the airport or station conditions, allow the use of universal Round, so it is easier.

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