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What are the principles of backpacking?
Jul 11, 2017

1. The heavier items on the upper part and as close as possible to the back, can focus on the back to avoid the back of the feeling.

2. Large size, light weight items can be placed in the bottom, so do not affect the center of gravity; the other because of heavy pressure on the top, so use a period of time after the backpack will be more dense.

3. Hard objects do not put on the back of the site, otherwise, such as the backpack when the backpack will be directly to the top, and lead to uncomfortable, and even fell to the back when the injury. Such as the outer backpack when the hard items and the back frame is only separated by a layer of backpack, it is easy to wear a backpack cloth.

4. Backpack placed around the weight of the items should be similar, so as not to focus on one side of the center of gravity. Raincoats, drinking water and what should be used on the day should be placed on the top or the easiest place to get.

5. The use of goods classification bag concept, the same items or items used in the same bag to facilitate access, scattered little things even more so.

6. to develop the habit of fixed-point placement, not only finishing backpack faster, and even dark, but also in the backpack to work out what you want.

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