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Shoulder bag classification
Jul 11, 2017

1. Sports shoulder bag design is very jumping, the color is more vivid. Sports shoulder bag in the material and workmanship, because the different functions in terms of quality is also different. For example, some big brands of shoulder bags in the fabric and style innovation, the function has also been extended, outdoor with the shoulder bag with a waterproof function. Sports shoulders more appear in the use of life, so many companies will be customized sports shoulder bag promotional gifts and employee benefits gifts.

2. Fashion shoulder bag, mostly made of PU material, but also made of canvas fabric, the volume is small and small, PU fabric bag is usually used to replace the ladies will go out with the handbag, and canvas fabric shoulder bag also Much loved by primary and secondary school students. Fashion shoulder bag easy to carry, completely free hands, can also be used in informal occasions.

3. Computer Shoulder Bag In addition to a special computer used to install the earthquake protection layer, there is a considerable space can be used to install luggage and other small objects. With the popularity of laptop bags, almost a lot of backpack will contain the computer layer, and computer shoulder bag is no longer only store the computer, it is a good out of office backpack.

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