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Professional mountaineering bag commonly used four fabrics
Jul 11, 2017

1. Polyester is one of the commonly used fabrics of professional mountaineering bag, which has good heat resistance and elasticity, and also has a high strength, is selected as a mountain climbing bag better material, but the polyester dyeing poor

2. Nylon alias is nylon, which is also commonly used in mountaineering a fabric, nylon has a light weight, easy to dry and non-hygroscopic, and also has a high strength, it is also mountaineering system to make the choice of material, but Nylon fabric wear resistance is poor, and also afraid of fire.

3. DuPont fabric, is a synthetic nylon, compared to nylon, easy to dry, easy to absorb moisture and strength and other characteristics are stronger than the nylon, and DuPont material also has good wear resistance, but DuPont in the Quality, more than nylon.

4. Canvas is also a professional mountaineering bag more commonly used fabric, this fabric has a strong wear resistance, so the use of canvas production of mountaineering bag, will be more durable, but the canvas mountaineering package is poor waterproof, more easily damp, , But also relatively heavy.

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