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How to clean the trunk dirty, four cleaning methods must know
Jul 11, 2017

First, clear the contents of the suitcase in order to effectively remove the box of dust, stains, and will not damage the appearance of the suitcase. However, no matter what kind of material suitcase, get the suitcase, you should tear off the goods stickers as soon as possible, has become an extremely important protection. Stickers on the stickers in the hot weather easily melt, and will corrode the box to leave difficult to remove the black print.

Second, the suitcase in general can be divided into two categories: hard boxes and soft boxes. Hard box material clean up more simple and convenient soft box. First wipe the dust with a damp cloth, you can also use some neutral detergent, such as household laundry detergent, remove the more stubborn stains. With a clean soft cloth, pour the detergent on the shell, gently scrub back and forth until the dirt wash, use the cleaning agent after the wipe cloth and then wipe the box, to avoid cleaning agent residue.

Third, the soft box material, you can use a damp cloth or viscose roller brush, to clean the surface of the dust. To remove more severe stains, use a damp cloth or a soft brush to scrub the neutral detergent. Fabric surface weaving texture should be gently scrubbed, too hard force may cause the fabric surface fluff, after cleaning, try to use the water wet cloth or soft brush to remove the residual surface of the cleaning agent.

Fourth, the leather material for the box, you need a special leather cleaning care agent, these cleaning care agents, are generally clean and care once completed, do not need more conservation. Do not clean the luggage with a cleansing agent with a colored ingredient. Use a leather care agent, apply a clean soft cloth evenly wipe the surface, the oil on the oil and ink stains generally can not be removed, please do not scrub to avoid damage to the cortex. Keep in mind, clean what kind of box can not use volatile solvents! Use cleaners to clean the soft box, it is best to detect the process of wiping the box, whether it will cause serious fade box. The scratches or depth scratches on the surface of the box shell can not be removed during cleaning.

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