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How to clean the canvas bag stains stained
Jul 11, 2017

1. Do not use bleach or fluorescent detergent.

2. Do not use a brush brush, will damage the skin bag.

3. The bag should be washed with cold water.

4) to prevent the canvas bag fade, canvas bag for the first time in the cleaning, you can add salt or white vinegar in cold water, then the bag soak about 20 minutes.

Common stains cleaning methods:

Juice stains: the new stained fruit stains, you can sprinkle some salt, gently wet with water, and then immersed in soap and water to clean. Drop a few drops of vinegar, hand rub a few times, then washed with water. If it is synthetic fiber cloth on the fruit stains, you can first pad a piece of absorbent cloth, and then stained with cotton and lemon juice wipe.

Ballpoint pen stains: a small amount of toothpaste plus a small amount of soap gently rub, if the remaining residue, you can use alcohol to wipe.

Ink stains: with warm water plus detergent into 20% of the acid solution, such as washing can not afford, plus 10% of the ammonia. Rinse with boiling milk, you can get rid of. Wash with vinegar can also be used.

Cosmetics stains: first with a small brush dip gasoline gently wipe, to net oil, and then washed with a warm detergent solution. Severe stains can be placed in gasoline soaked rubbing, and then rinse with detergent solution.

Lipstick stains: just stained lipstick stains, should immediately wipe with some gauze wine, add detergent in warm water cleaning.

Lipstick stains: with a blunt knife as much as possible to scrap the lipstick, and then wash the liquid cleaning. Severe stains can be wiped with glycerin before cleaning. For fabrics that are not washed with water, they can be wiped with a sponge.

Nail grease: with a sponge dip acetone or nail polish, wipe the new stains and then clean the cloth until the stains erase.

Perfume stains: the new stained with perfume, can be immediately washed with hot water. For dry stains, wipe with glycerol, then rinse with water.

Finally, clean the bag, and then is dry. When dry, be sure to put in a ventilated place to dry, not in the hot sun exposure, this will damage the skin bag. Special note is that more stripes, the more bright color canvas bag is best dry cleaning, otherwise it will fade. If the bag to iron, must be in the temperature of the iron, the bag in turn the best iron.

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