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How heavy is the weight of your backpack and your backpack is overweight?
Jul 11, 2017

The ability to bear the human is relatively poor, but the ant, but also than the horse. Generally speaking, for young people who are in the stage of growth and development, backpack weight can not exceed 10% of body weight; physical quality of adults or women in general, backpack weight can not exceed 15% of body weight; even good physical quality, backpack Weight can not exceed 20% of body weight. Optional custom backpack, try to use the shoulder-style backpack, strap to be wider, the best choice waist and abdomen to help load the style.

You may be dissatisfied, that can bear more heavy, but the time will tell you the answer, long time carrying heavy weight backpack, most people can not stand. If the backpack arm due to heavy overweight caused by damage, usually after physical therapy, exercise and other methods can be restored, but if the treatment, correction is not timely, it may cause spinal injury, back muscle asymmetry and other serious consequences, should pay attention .

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