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A method of nursing care for scrubs
Jul 11, 2017

1, the daily use of the time do not try to get into the water, if dirty first with a clean soft brush gently brush the surface of the dust, and then clean the dirty cloth with a dirty place, and so dry can.

2, specifically to remind the matte leather bag, be sure to keep dry, stored in a cool place, avoid exposure, fire roast, washed, sharp objects impact and contact with chemical solvents.

3, scrub leather bag with a long time easy to change the old color, you can go to the shoe store to buy special shoes, choose the same color with the bag, evenly coated in the frosted part of the package, and then use the soft brush to package the surface superfluous The powder can be used to brush, taboo shoe polish, a special matte powder, large shopping malls selling shoes for sale, there is no shoe powder can also be used to brush the water, fluff on the brush, the brush down.

4, brush oil, with a brush to the leather fatliquor or emulsified oil, can be obtained from the tannery, oil control in the 50 to 60% or so, evenly coated on the dry to half dry suede, brushing The process should pay attention to try to make oil into the skin, put 30 minutes later, with 35 ℃ water brush to the surface of the oil slick, and the bag on the cool and ventilated place dry.

5, finishing, when the suede skin dry, with a wire brush or coarse sandpaper brushing the surface, so that the villi to reproduce, and then brush brush, after the above procedures, suede skin will be a new look, the whole bag will be as new Bags are generally beautiful.

6. Suggest leather bag when not in the best place on the cotton cloth to save, do not put in plastic bags, because the plastic bag air is not in circulation, will make the leather too dry and damaged, the package is best stuffed with some soft toilet paper , In order to maintain the shape of the bag, if not the right bag, the old pillowcases are also very useful.

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